About Us

Dittos for Kiddos is owned and operated by Carole Houston in Abilene, Texas.  She and her husband, Duwain began DFK in September of 2000, in a small school gymnasium with approximately 23 consignors.  Since then the sale has grown to over 500 consignors and 50 – 60,000 items each sale.

Duwain and Carole are blessed with four children, Brantly, Callie, Kendall and Cason.  Dittos for Kiddos is a true family business.  You will often see Carole’s “Daddy” and father-in-love (Poppy) greeting shoppers at the sale.  Her “Mama” and mother-in-love (Gran) can be found shopping, helping at the sale entertaining and chauffeuring grandchildren, bringing in meals and various other things to keep the family going.  You might find  sister, “Krista” helping at drop off or check-out during the sale.  Brother, “Chad”, built our first website, wrote our original software programs and has been invaluable in helping our business grow with technology support.  As our family grows with more cousins, so does our family help.

At Dittos for Kiddos, we strive to serve the Lord by serving our community.  We hope that you are blessed with the opportunity to be a part of our Dittos family.  We appreciate all of our consignors, volunteers and shoppers.  We would love to meet you at the upcoming sale!  Please take time to stop by and see what a children’s consignment sale is all about!