Activating Inventory from a Previous Sale

Items that you entered into your inventory page for a previous sale that were not sold or donated or deleted by you will appear in an INACTIVE list that you can access by logging into your consignor home page.   Inactive inventory will remain in your account as inactive for up to 24 months, and then the system will automatically delete it during data maintenance.

In order to bring items from a past sale to the upcoming sale, you will need to mark those INACTIVE items as ACTIVE.  From the Consignor Homepage choose “Work With Consigned Inventory”  >“Work with Items > “Work with Inactive Inventory.”  All you have to do is place a checkmark beside the items that you want to make ACTIVE, and click the Activate button.  Those items are immediately marked as active and will begin appearing on the “Work With Items” screen, where they can be edited if you want to change any information. ANY ITEMS THAT ARE ACTIVATED FROM A PREVIOUS SALE WILL NEED TO HAVE A NEW TAG PRINTED! Remember, some items in your inactive inventory may not be appropriate for the upcoming sale (e.g., seasonal items or clothing and shoes not appropriate for the upcoming season.)

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  You are assigned a NEW re-sort number each time you participate in a sale.  Re-sort numbers are subject to change each sale but are just as important to know as your Consignor Number.  Your Consignor Number is how you get paid and your Re-sort Number is how you get back unsold items.  Learn your Re-sort Number!  You can learn what your re-sort number is from your consignor homepage or by looking at your barcode tags from the current sale.  The Re-sort number automatically prints on your barcode tags in the bottom right corner.

Since your Re-sort Number will most likely change from sale to sale you MUST make sure that your re-sort code for the current sale is correct on tags of the items activated from a previous sale.  This means you will need to print new tags for these items after you activate them.  If you prefer not to replace the tags you can print re-sort number stickers to place on your old barcode tags from your Consignor Homepage.