Consigning Basics

Selling with Dittos for Kiddos is simple! Consignors pay DFK a commission of 40%  of sales and a $10  consignor fee. Want to lessen your cost?  Help sell your stuff and become a Consigning Partner by adding one or more shifts in your consignor account.  Your consignor account is created when you register to consign.

Minimum  requirements to be a consignor — 25 items or $50 worth of inventory.

AS A CONSIGNOR,  you get to:

  • Set your own prices.
  • Choose whether or not your items will be discounted on our discount days.
  • Choose whether or not you will pick up your unsold items or let them be donated to charity.
  • Choose which commission level you pay to DFK  and which Consignor Pre-sale you shop.  Help to sell your stuff by adding one shift or more.


  • Register online

    • When you register you will receive a consignor ID and your own online account. The $6 non-refundable registration fee reserves a spot for you and your items and gives you access to our database where you will create your barcode tags, sign up for a drop off appointment, track your sales and more.
  • Prep and tag your items

    • Login to your consignor account and create your barcode tags. Make sure all of your items are clean, have all parts and pieces, are free of stains, odor and pet hair, have not been recalled and are in good condition.
    • Remember! The goal is to SELL, so price reasonably and make sure your items are clean, free of odors, pet hair and holes and have all their parts and pieces.  Consider blessing others by marking your items to be donated if they don’t sell.
  • Bring your items to us

    • Schedule a drop off appointment  from your consignor account.
    • Plan on at least an hour to drop off unless you choose and qualify for Drop and Dash.
    • Organize your items before you bring them to us!
  • Shop

    • Consignors get to shop at their own private pre-sale. Receive your shopping pass when you check in at drop off.  Passes are valid for one adult only and are transferable.  Want to shop earlier? Help to sell your stuff by adding one or more shifts and become a Consigning PartnerSign up in your consignor account. See details in the Consigning Partner Agreement when you sign up.
    • Help to increase your sales by spreading the word! Tell your friends and family. Share on social media. The more you tell, the more you sell!
  • Get Paid

    • Deposits come quickly through PayPal.  Your sales less your chosen commission & consignor fee are deposited within two weeks after pick up..
    • Make sure you give us up-to-date information.  Your email in your consignor account must be the SAME AS or LINKED TO your PayPal account.  Do this BEFORE the item entry deadline .
    • After 30 days, if earnings have not been claimed in PayPal they are returned to Dittos for Kiddos.  At that time we will issue a paper check to the mailing address listed in your consignor account. A  $3 processing fee will apply.  PayPal is quickest and easiest.