General Consignor Guidelines

At Dittos for Kiddos we want our consignors and shoppers to have a positive experience and quality items to choose from.  All of our guidelines are intended to help fulfill this purpose.


  • This is a children’s sale.  All items must child-oriented.
  • Minimum of 15 acceptable items required
  • Must adhere to list of acceptable items for current sale season
  • No recalled items may be entered.
  • All items must be clean, with minimal wear and tear and have all parts and pieces.
  • All items require a minimum price of $2 and must be priced in whole dollar increments

Clothing and Shoes

  • Clothing sizes accepted are newborn to size 20
  • Shoe sizes accepted are newborn to youth size 7
  • must be clean and free of stains, holes, pet hair and smoke
  • clothing paired together must be the same size
  • clothing must be hung and tagged correctly
    • use appropriate sized, wire or tubular hangers with the hanger hook facing left
    • secured to the hanger so that clothing will not fall on floor
    • pants and sets must be hung according to DFK guidelines (new videos coming soon)
  • must be tagged with barcode tags that have accurate descriptions
  • no used socks, underwear, tights or nursing bras accepted
  • no clothing or shoes in ziploc bags

Non-clothing items

  • no used pacifiers, sippy cups, nipples or feeding utensils
  • Towels, sheets, blankets must be hung on hangers unless new in package
  • must be in good condition, be working, have all parts and pieces, and be clean on the inside and outside (i.e. tops and bottoms of shoes, inside of bags, creases of high chairs and excersaucers, etc.)
  • must be tagged with barcode tags that have accurate descriptions
  • See Acceptable Items Page for details on what is accepted

Barcode tags

  • must have accurate item descriptions
  • must be printed on cardstock
  • must have no handwritten changes
  • must be attached to clothing with a safety pin on the upper right side (left shoulder). Exceptions made for delicate fabrics that may be damaged by safety pins.  Tags may be pinned to the tag in the neck of these type of garments.
  • must not have tape placed over the barcode.

Item Limits

  • Shoes–limit 8 per gender and seasonally appropriate
  • Maternity–limit 10 and seasonally appropriate
  • Stuffed Animals–limit of 5 like new and seasonally appropriate
  • Onesies—limit of 10 per size (onesies are defined as onesies which are intended to be worn under clothing or with bottoms
  • Jeans—limit of 5 per gender (SPRING sale only)

Delivering Items

  • Clothing must be organized by gender and size before arriving at Item Delivery
  • All battery-operated items must have working batteries.

Instructional Videos

  • These videos give you a visual of how to prepare, tag and hang items AND MORE! Find them under the VIDEOS tab.

For details on any of these guidelines, please visit the Seller School section of our website.