Voice Entry Instructions

Our new voice activated item entry feature can cut your entry time in half and it’s very user friendly for mobile devices and PC/laptops. Tip: Since you have to manually choose the size and the size stays the same until you change it, this entry choice works most efficiently if you have your clothes organized by gender and size before beginning to enter your items.  Here’s how it works.

  1. From your mobile device (phone or ipad), go to the Dittos for Kiddos website.
  2. Under the Consignor tab choose Consignor Homepage Login. Enter your consignor number and password.
  3. Under the ACTIVITIES menu in the top left corner, choose Work with Consigned Inventory.
  4. Click ACTIVE INVENTORY and select the last option Mobile Voice Entry for mobile devices or PC/Laptop Voice Entry for computers.
  5. Click Instructions and read carefully to learn how to enter your items. (The microphone button is on your keyboard next to the space bar.)
  6. PLEASE NOTE: The order in which you speak the details of an item is very important. Speak the item description, then say “price” and give the price. Be sure to say “dollars” after the amount. Then state “discount” or “no discount” or and “donate” or “no donate.”FOR EXAMPLE: For a Children’s Place striped polo that you want to price $6 and have it be discounted for the discount sale days and donated after the sale, you would push the microphone button and say “Children’s Place blue striped polo price 6 dollars discount donate” 
  7. If you pause for very long while speaking, the system will think you are done and stop recoding your voice so think about the description and price before you begin. Proofread your dictation and make any corrections so that you don’t have an “Um” in the middle of your item description. If it looks good, click Submit Item or you can click Start Over if you need to try again.
  8. TIP: If you don’t want to say “donate” and “discount” while dictating, you can go back to your item inventory page and click donate all or discount all before your print.
  9. You may feel awkward at first and need to start over a few times on tags until you get the hang of the dictation but once you get on a roll, this feature is a huge time saver!

We hope you love it as much as we do! For those of you who prefer to type, that option is always available to you. Click Mobile Version or PC/Laptop Version (depending on your device) under ACTIVE INVENTORY in your Consignor Inventory Menu.