Pick-up of Unsold Items

Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items if they wish, but only items that the consignor has not marked “Donate” will be available for pick-up. Unsold items marked as Donate will automatically be donated to charity. Any items you do not pick-up by the end of the pick-up time, regardless of the “Donate” mark, will be donated as well. Please refer to the sale schedule found on the Calendar page for the exact times of consignor pick-up for the upcoming sale..

The process of picking-up is very simple and efficient. You will sign in and wait while a Dittos for Kiddos worker retrieves your unsold items.

There will be a lost and found area that we will encourage you to look through before you leave. .

Lastly, because our time is limited to move out of the building, all items remaining after 4:00pm SHARP will be donated. Doors will be closed and locked on time, and pick-ups will no longer be available. We appreciate your punctuality and understanding!