Preparing Items to Sell

Presentation is the key to selling your items.


Supplies to have on hand

• Hangers—we prefer good quality wire hangers because they take up less room on the clothing racks. More importantly, we want clothing to stay on the hanger and off the floor. Wire hangers are also easier to use with safety pins.
• Safety pins
• Tape (packing, scotch and painter’s)
• Zip ties
• Plastic bags in various sizes
• Plastic wrap
• WHITE card stock for printing barcode tags. (Note: You can typically purchase standard, white cardstock at Wal-Mart, Sam’s or any office supply or retail store. DO NOT use colored, designer, or slick cardstock as it causes problems with barcode scanning.)


Clothing and Shoes

• The better your clothes and shoes look the better they sell. Take the time to run an iron over clothing or fluff it in the dryer, button the buttons, zip the zippers, etc.
• All clothing items must be on hangers with the hook facing left.
• Attach the barcode tag with a safety pin (DO NOT TAPE OVER SAFETY PIN)
• Tags should be placed on the upper right side of the garment
• Pants should be pinned by the waistband to the angled portion of the hanger
• No pants hangers.
• Shoes must be clean on top and bottom, inside and out. No stinky shoes.
• Shoes can be fastened together and tagged with a zip tie or curling ribbon
• No boxes or plastic bags will be accepted for shoes.
• Do not tape or rubber band shoes together.


Non-clothing Items

• Make sure all items are clean, have working batteries and have ALL parts and pieces.
• If you have items with loose pieces, it is helpful to put the pieces in a plastic bag and attach to the item with packing tape or a zip tie.
• We cannot sell items without a tag. Make sure to secure your tag well.
• Do not place packing tape on items that could be damaged when tape is removed (books, items with cardboard boxes, etc.).
• Use packing tape, zip-ties, or curling ribbon to secure tags to toys, CDs, DVDs, and other small items
• If selling books individually, use masking or painter’s tape ONLY to attach the tag ON THE FRONT COVER of each book.
• If selling more than one book together, put in a plastic bag and attach the tag on the FRONT and OUTSIDE  of the bag with clear packing tape. It is also a good idea to list the book titles on an index card and tape to the outside of the bag.
• Games and puzzles– Secure game boxes with clear packing packing tape. Wrap wooden puzzles  with  plastic wrap and secure plastic wrap with clear packing tape.


Large Items

Large items include outdoor play sets, train tables, large indoor toys (i.e. big Barbie houses, kitchens, work benches) furniture, strollers, high chairs, cribs, pack-n-plays, bassinets, walkers, exersaucers, etc. These items will get a special tag at drop off.  Your barcode tag will be attached to a Large Item Claim Ticket and zip-tied to your item. You may use scotch tape to simply tape the barcode tag to the item for easy removal or just bring the tag with you to drop off unattached to the large item. If the item includes extra parts, please make note in the item’s description on the tag.



If you have an item priced $25 or more that you would like to have a security tag attached to, please let us know at drop off.



• Take a look at our tagging videos!
• DO NOT put tape over the barcode on the tag.
• Include manuals or directions to baby equipment, toys and games, when possible.
• Attach a photo to anything too large to assemble or display (i.e. bedding, large toys, etc.)
• Use painter’s tape to attach tags to books, puzzles, etc. so they aren’t damaged.
• Include the box for items that have never been opened.
• For added security and protection of your items especially higher priced items, consider place masking tape with your consignor # and price on the bottom of each large item and each shoe ALONG WITH the barcode tag. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost. DO NOT put a duplicate barcode tag on any item. On garments, consider placing masking tape with your consignor # and price on the inside hem.