Preparing Your Items

Consignors price and tag all of their own items using our online Inventory System.  Instructions on how to prepare your items are given below. With each consignor preparing their items the same way, Dittos for Kiddos continues to be an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale. We appreciate your attention to details as you prepare your items!

Supplies to have on hand

  • wire or plastic tubular hangers
  • medium to large safety pins
  • packing tape
  • masking or painters tape
  • zip ties
  • large ziploc bags
  • WHITE card stock for printing barcode tags.  (Note:  You can typically purchase standard, white cardstock at Wal-Mart, Sam’s or any office supply or retail store.  DO NOT use colored card stock. Designer or slick cardstock, should not be used either, as it  may cause problems with scanning of your barcodes.)

REMEMBER, Dittos for Kiddos is not a garage sale.  Every item must be clean with minimal wear and tear.  No missing parts or pieces!

For additional tips and ideas, visit our Seller School!


CLOTHING: All clothing items must be hung on hangers with the hook facing left.  (The hook will look like a ? when looking at the front of the garment.) On garments, attach the barcode tag with a safety pin near the upper right side (left shoulder) of the garment. Please pin waistband of pants to angled portion of hanger – do not use clothespins or fold them over the bottom part of the hanger.  Pass safety pin through waist, around hanger, and back through waist to prevent slipping. NO pant hangers, please!

*NOTE: Please do not group items as an outfit if they are different sizes. For more information on how to hang a multiple piece outfit together, please visit our Seller School!

SHOES: Using zip-ties or curling ribbon, fasten shoes together and attach tag securely to shoes. No boxes or Ziploc type bags accepted for shoes.  Do NOT tape or rubber band shoes together.

IMPORTANT: For added security and protection of your items especially higher priced items, consider place masking tape with your consignor # and price on the bottom of each large item and each shoe ALONG WITH the barcode tag. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost. DO NOT put duplicate barcode tag on an item. On garments, consider placing masking tape with your consignor # and price on the inside hem.



Use packing tape, zip-ties or curling ribbon to secure barcode tag to toys, CD’s, DVD’s & small items, and to fasten multiple pieces together. Also place items in Ziploc bags whenever possible for additional protection. DO NOT USE PACKING TAPE ON ITEMS THAT COULD BE DAMAGED WHEN TAPE IS REMOVED (i.e. books and items with cardboard boxes).

BOOKS: If selling books individually, use masking tape or painters tape ONLY to attach barcode tag to the outside of each book.  This will prevent tearing the book cover when the tag is removed by the purchaser.  If selling a group of books together, you may group them together in a Ziploc type bag and affix barcode tag to outside of bag.  We recommend that you make a list of the books on a 3 x 5 card and attach it close to the barcode tag on the outside of the bag.

LARGE ITEMS and some ITEMS PRICED $50 OR MORE: Your barcode tag will be joined with a Large Item Claim Ticket and zip-tied to your item when you come to item delivery. You may use scotch tape to simply tape the barcode tag to the item for easy removal or just bring the tag with you to item delivery unattached to the large item.  If the item includes extra parts, please make note of them in the item’s description on the tag.  Large items include items such as outdoor play sets, train tables, large indoor toys (i.e. big Barbie houses, kitchens, work benches) furniture, strollers, high chairs, cribs, pack-n-plays, bassinets, walkers and exersaucers, etc.

For added security and protection of your items, consider placing masking tape with your consignor number & price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item ALONG WITH the barcode tag. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost.  Please DO NOT put duplicate barcode tags on an item.




Minimum item price of $2.00. Only whole dollar increments. (i.e. no $3.50, $4.99, etc.)

All items priced $50 and up have the option to receive an Inventory Control tag.  Keep these items together for special processing at Item Delivery if you are interested in your item having the special tag.  Do not attach your barcode tag as we will attach it to the special Inventory Control tag before you put your items on the sales floor.

Competitively price your items. PRICE TO SELL! What would you pay? Normally 25-30% of retail is a good general figure to go by when pricing your items. We’d rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items! See our Seller School for more details on pricing and preparing your items.