Seller School – Entering your Inventory

Supplies to have on hand when preparing your items:  wire or tubular hangers, medium to large safety pins, packing tape, masking or painters tape, zip ties, large ziploc bags, stretch wrap and standard white card stock for printing barcode tags. (Note:  You can typically purchase standard, white card stock at Wal-Mart, Sam’s or any office supply or retail store.  DO NOT use desinger or slick card stock, as they may cause problems with scanning of your barcodes. Do not use colored card stock unless you have been asked to.)
Gather the items you would like to sell.
  1. Prepare your items according to Seller School Guidelines.
  2. Arrange your clothing items by gender and size.
  3. Login to your Consignor Homepage to enter your inventory.
  4. Print your barcode tags.


EXPERIENCED CONSIGNOR NOTE: Some experienced consignors prefer to log their inventory on paper before entering online.  This method allows you to work from your paper list instead of going through your clothing and other items a second or third time.  This method is also helpful for consignors who may not have internet access at home.  You can log your inventory on paper and take only your list with you when you are ready to enter your inventory online.