Seller School – Shopping

Shopping the Pre-sale is an experience in itself! Here are some tips for our workers and consignors.

What to bring

  • Shopping Passes:  You must have the proper pass to enter the Worker or Consignor Pre-sale and the Worker or Consignor Half-Price Sale.  Remember no Children allowed except infants in arms or front packs on Worker or Consignor night.
  • Shopping Baskets: You will want to bring something to hold your bargains while you shop.  We have seen shoppers use clothes hampers, plastic tubs or laundry baskets pulled with a belt or a rope.   Use your imagination.
  • NOTE: If you bring a stroller or any other large item that is similar to an item we might sell, you may receive a stroller pass.

Forms of Payment Accepted

We accept the following forms of payment: cash, debit and credit cards (MC, Visa and Discover). There is a $10 minimum purchase on all debit and credit purchases.

When the Line Starts

The line at the door for the Worker and Consignor Pre-sales usually begins to build anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 hours before the doors open. Being a part of this line is entirely up to you!

Who can shop at the Pre-Sale

It is important that we keep it fair to those who have earned the right to shop at the Pre-sales by not allowing uninvited guests. For these reasons, our Shopper Policy for both the Worker and Consignor Pre-sales is as follows:   One adult per pass and NO children, other than infants in arms or front packs. NO EXCEPTIONS! Absolutely NO CHILDREN will be allowed in the building on either of these nights. Consignors who bring children will not be allowed in to shop.  (This does not include infants.)  Children 12 and older may be admitted at the Consignor Pre-sale IF THEY HAVE A SEPARATE PASS and they must stay with and shop with an adult who has entered with a pass.

Guest Passes

Each consignor will receive a Guest Pass to give to a friend.  Those who have a Guest Pass may enter the Pre-sale on Consignor night at the time stated on the pass.  Be sure to share your pass with a friend!