Registering & Tagging


Registration begins on June 1st for the fall/winter sales and December 1st for the spring/summer sales. To register please choose the appropriate link.  Are you a  NEW consignor or a  RETURNING consignor?

Consignors price and tag their own items using our online inventory system. DO NOT hand write on tags. This is for security purposes. Items that have tags with handwritten changes or additions will be returned. By following these guidelines, you help Dittos for Kiddos continue to be an organized, easy-to-shop sale!


LOGIN to your Consignor Homepage HERE  or at the “Consignor Login” cloud at the top of any of our web pages.

Choose the correct category from the pull-down list for each item.

The tag must disclose all of the information so the shopper can make an informed decision.

• Enter a numerical size for all clothing and shoes. NO small, medium, etc.
• Choose the size for the tag that matches the size in the garment. If the garment runs big or small, you may note that in the description. (i.e. runs small/fits like 6)
• If the clothing is labeled in a range (6-12 month, e.g.) tag accordingly.  We recommend that you make note in the description if it runs big or small.

• We no longer allow blank or “placeholder” tags to be entered into the system. For example, multiple tags that say “shirt”, “toys”, “book”, “Buy Me”, etc.
• We now require every tag to have a DETAILED description when it is entered (e.g. Justice yellow shirt with pink flowers.)
• Be specific! Should your tag get separated from the item, the description, category and size you enter will help us match the tag to your item so it can be sold! Items with lost tags will not be sold.

There is a minimum price of $2. We suggest marking items 50 – 75% OFF of retail. Due to the high volume of infant clothing sizes 0 – 12 months, we suggest that you consider pricing these sizes more competitively.

If you choose to discount items, they will be 25% and 50% off during the corresponding discount days. Items are more likely to sell if they are marked to be discounted. You may choose to discount all items or only selected items.

Items marked to be donated will default to also be discounted. Donated status in indicated by a black dot that will print on the left side of the tag. You can choose to donate all items or only selected items that are unsold.