Understanding your Re-Sort Number

You are assigned a re-sort number each time you participate in a sale.  Re-sort numbers are likely to change each sale but are just as important to know as your Consignor Number.  Your Consignor Number is how you get paid and your Re-sort Number is how you get back unsold items.  Learn your Re-sort Number!  You can learn what your re-sort number is from your consignor homepage or by looking at your barcode tags from the current sale.  The Re-sort number automatically prints on your barcode tags in the bottom right corner .

Since your Re-sort Number will most likely change from sale to sale you MUST make sure that your re-sort code for the current sale is correct on tags of the items activated from a previous sale.  This means you will need to print new tags for these items after you activate them.  If you prefer not to replace the tags you can print re-sort number stickers to place on your old barcode tags from your Consignor Homepage.