Volunteer Information

Volunteer To Work at the Sale and Shop First!

SHOP EARLY at our upcoming sale by signing up to work at least one 6-hour shift at the sale! Dittos for Kiddos Workers are invited to be among the FIRST TO SHOP the sale in the Worker’s Pre-sale AND to be among the first to shop the Half-Price sale!(see calendar).


Working at a DFK sale is never mandatory!  If you choose to volunteer you must read and agree to the Worker Agreement when you sign up for your shifts (you can see the agreement below). You can now choose one or more shifts!

WANT TO EARN 70% of your profits?

Sign up and fulfill three 6-hour shifts* to automatically earn 70% of your profits—and have the consignor fee waived!

*or one 6-hour shift and one shift that gives credit for two shifts


Volunteers working 3 shifts, with one of the three shifts being the sort shift, receive a Go to the Front of the Line Pass for the Worker Pre-sale.  This means no waiting in line and first to enter the Worker Pre-Sale!

View the work shifts you can choose from by clicking HERE .  (please disable your pop-up blocker before clicking link.)

Ready to Volunteer? Click Here!  (please disable your pop-up blocker before clicking link.)


Worker Agreement

Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale that meets the needs of our community.

  • NEW!!  Workers who choose to one 6-hour shift get to shop the second half of the Worker Pre-Sale.
  • Workers work a minimum of two 6-hour shifts to shop the earliest Worker Pre-Sale.
  • Workers who choose to work three shifts (or the equivalent of three) will earn extra incentives.  These incentives are earning 70% of their sales AND having the $10 consignor fee waived.
  • New Volunteers who are not consigning in the current sale must bring $40 cash in an envelope when picking up shopping passes during any scheduled Item Delivery time.  When the work shifts committed to are fulfilled the $40 will be returned.  If work shifts committed to are not fulfilled you may be prohibited from working in a future sale and the $40 cash will NOT be returned but used to hire a replacement worker, if needed.
  • Workers may not bring children.  (Please note, if you are a nursing mom you are welcome to pump during your shift OR to have your baby brought to you during your shift so that you can take a break and nurse your baby.)
  • Workers must be on time and fulfill their entire shift in order to reap the benefits and escape consequences of not fulfilling their commitment.
  • Workers may bring any food or snacks they will need during their shift.  A refrigerator and microwave will be available.  We do not allow volunteers to leave for meals during their shift. Thanks for understanding.
  • Volunteers can go on the DFK website to cancel their work shift or switch to a different shift until the deadline, which falls two – three days before the first work shifts begins. For the deadline to sign up, change or cancel work shifts for the upcoming sale visit our Calendar page.
  • After the deadline, volunteers have the following options if they are unable to make their shift:
  1. Find a suitable replacement (this would include a husband, friend, parent) on their behalf. In this case, the volunteer will still receive their full earnings percentage and will not receive any penalties toward working at future events.
  2. Call or email Carole to switch to a different, available shift. Shift availability may be limited. If a volunteer reschedules to an available shift and fulfills that entire shift, they will receive their full earnings and will not receive any penalties toward working at future events.
  3. If a volunteer is unable to find a suitable replacement and does not have the option of switching to a different shift, they can avoid any penalties by bringing $40 cash to the sale location before their assigned shift (preferably more than 24 hours in advance). Carole will then seek to hire a replacement on their behalf.
  4. Please realize that we are willing to work with you if an emergency or unavoidable conflict arises.  However, if you reap the benefits of being a volunteer worker and do not fulfill your commitment the following consequences may be enforced.
  • In the event a worker does not fulfill their obligation or find a suitable replacement on their behalf, Dittos for Kiddos will deduct 30% of the worker’s earnings check (not to exceed $40), and they may not be allowed to volunteer & shop a Worker Pre-sale at a future event.  If the worker is not consigning in the current sale they will pay a $40 cash fee, which is a partial replacement cost of hiring someone to take the place of the no-show worker, before being allowed to volunteer or shop a future Worker Pre-sale.

Contact Carole by one of the following methods:

E-mail:  carole@dittosforkiddos.com

Phone: 325-672-0967