What to Sell

At Dittos for Kiddos, we want our consignors and shoppers to have a positive experience and quality items to choose from. These item prep guidelines are intended to help fulfill this purpose. BEFORE spending time entering your items into the database, please make sure to review and follow these guidelines.

It is the consignor’s responsibility to check items for quality and recalls before entering them into the database. We recommend using the WeMakeitSafer website and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website for information on recalled items.

REMEMBER: Dittos for Kiddos is not a garage sale. Every item must be clean with minimal wear and tear. All parts and pieces must be included. We are very selective in the quality of items we accept and have an inspection process to help reach this goal. We will not accept any items with the following issues:

• Stains
• Holes
• Tears
• Dirty
• Pet hair
• Odor
• Overly Warn
• Out of season
• Outdated
• Missing Pieces
• Broken
• Non-working batteries


What We Accept

• Clothing for girls and boys sized newborn to 20
• Shoes for girls and boys sized newborn to youth 7
• Maternity clothing (limit of 10 seasonally appropriate items)
• Baby equipment (swings, strollers, exersaucers, high-chairs, etc.)
• Baby and children’s furniture
• Toys, sporting equipment, books, games, puzzles, DVDs
• Current Educational items/homeschool materials
• Children’s luggage, bags, backpacks
• Halloween costumes (fall/winter only)
• Swimwear (spring/summer only)
• Dance wear and cowboy boots at any sale
• Infant and children’s bedding
• Infant and children’s room décor
• Baby and children’s blankets
• Cloth diapers in immaculate condition
• Infant accessories (hats, headbands, bows, leggings, etc.)
• Girl and Boy Accessories (hats, belts, bows, ties, etc.)
• Socks and underwear (only if new in package)
• Just about anything related to children!


• In the spring/summer sale, there is a limit of 5 pairs of jeans per gender.
• No limit for jeans in the fall/winter sale
• 8 pair of shoes per size and gender
• There is a limit of 10 onesies whether sold individually or in a group. Onesies are defined as infant undershirts. If the legs follow the diaper line, it is considered a onesie.
• Limit of 5 dolls/stuffed animals
• Limit of 10 bibs in like new condition
• Limit of 5 each of infant and kid’s blankets
• Maternity limit 10


When choosing your items to sell, focus on these types of items for each sale.

Spring/Summer – Lightweight, short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, capris, summer shoes
Fall/Winter – Heavier fabrics, long sleeves, long pants, winter shoes and boots

What We Don’t Accept

• Drop-side cribs and baby bathtubs will not be accepted due to safety and recall standards.
• Cribs manufactured before 6/28/11
• Car seats manufactured before September 2015
• Breast Pumps/accessories
• Opened/partially used crafts, coloring books, workbooks, etc.
• Grab bags of loose toys unless bagged by theme (cars, Star Wars, Polly Pockets, etc.)
• Newborn Gift items (silver gifts, photo albums, piggy banks, etc.)
• Party supplies, cake pans, etc.
• VHS and cassette tapes
• DVDs/games/books that are R or Mature rated or not appropriate for children
• Parenting books
• Clothing and shoes for wrong season
• Used socks, used underwear and used nursing bras
• Used pacifiers and bottle nipples
• Sippy cups and plastic forks/spoons that have teeth marks