What’s NEW in 2021?

Our job is to help you be successful in selling your items.  Following the guidelines we provide is your first step to success. You should bring items that are clean, smell good, are free of stains, odors and pet hair and that are priced competitively.  They also need to be hung and tagged properly.  We want to be known for good quality items.  If shoppers are pleased with the quality of what you sell, they will come again. Bring us your best and leave the rest.



We are bringing back the 25% off day! See Calendar for all dates and times! No other big changes this spring!

We have a new category for School Uniforms! If you know anyone who may want to buy or sell these items please spread the word!

Please review the changes made in 2020.

We made quite a few changes last fall due to Covid-19. We will continue to follow current state and local mandates that are in place at the time of our spring sale.


FALL 2020

  • Do to Covid-19, Item Delivery will be completely NEW.  See the page about Item Delivery under the Consignor tab on this website.
  • Consignor shopping day has moved to a NEW DAY.  See the Calendar page.
  • We will take boxed jigsaw puzzles in original box.


Spring 2020

  • Consignor limit of 400 items (Tag your big items first—baby equipment and furniture, outdoor toys, etc). These will bring you the most profit and are in highest demand.
  • There is now a $6 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Limit of 5 on 
    • like new bibs
    • infant blankets
    • kid’s blankets
  • You can now price in 50 cent increments. Consider adding 50 cents to each item to increase your profit.
  • In addition to clothing, we will now be hanging all of the following items, which means they must be brought on hangers (unless they are New in the Package)
    • Baby bed bedding (sheets, mattress pads; this does not include bedding sets.).
    • All blankets
    • Nursing covers
    • Changing pad covers
    • Towels
    • Baby carriers (includes wraps, slings, front/back packs)
    • Boppy covers
    • Swaddles and sleep sacks
    • Bibs (LIKE NEW)
    • Burp cloths (LIKE NEW)
    • Bedding Sets must be brought in clear bags and left open to be checked. You can use clear bedding bags or find ziplock type bags at discount
  • There is no longer a limit on the number of shoes you can bring. However, please bring only your best.  Shoes that are not clean on the top AND bottom, are excessively worn or have an odor will be returned to you. This includes cleats.
  • We will no longer accept the following:
    • Socks, of any size unless new/never worn.
    • Underwear or nursing bras unless new in package.
    • Grab bags of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, toys, arts & crafts, hairbows and headbands.  We recommend attaching hairbows and headbands to an index card to hang on our bow rack. We DO accept like items bagged (i.e. hot wheel cars, Poly Pockets, play food, animals, etc.)
    • Electronic game systems, tablets iPods, iPads, DS, and the like. We WILL accept games and accessories for game systems.
    • Onesies, unless NEW in package or part of a matching outfit. WHAT IS a ONSIE?  We define a onesie as a basic short sleeve infant undershirt that snaps between the legs. It can be any color, with or without writing.  A polo type shirt that snaps between the legs and a onesie with ruffles on the bottom, for examples, are an NOT considered a onesie. For spring/summer sale we also take rompers and bubble suits


The following photo is an example of what we consider a

basic onesie and do not accept unless new in the package.