What’s New & Important Reminders

Fall 2018

What’s NEW (and fairly new)

  • Deadline—the deadline for entering items online, scheduling or changing item delivery appointments and work shifts is 11:59 pm on MONDAY, September 24.
  • Car Seats and bases–must have a manufacture date of September 2014 or later.
  • NEW Worker Info Coming Soon
  • House Shoes— We will now accept house shoes IF they are LIKE NEW.
  • Baby Bathtubs–Due to new safety regulations we will only  be able to accept baby bathtubs manufactured on or after October 2, 2017.
  • Cloth Diapers-In an attempt to serve customer needs we will accept cloth diapers if they are like-new and stain free.
  • Bar Code Tags– New tags must be printed for items activated from a previous sale.  Also, we are beta testing a new procedure with colored card stock.  For this reason ALL tags must be printed on WHITE CARD STOCK unless we have asked you to use a different color.
  • Inspection Perfection—Want to skip the line at item delivery?   Earn an Inspection Perfection Pass this fall and you will get to skip the line at the spring/summer 2019 sale.  To earn the pass, simply bring at least 25 clothing items and at least 25 non-clothing items  to the fall 2019 sale and have NO returns.  It’s that simple—50 + items, No returns, No waiting in line next spring!  You will also get a free DFK t-shirt at drop-off check-out.
  • Debit/Credit Minimum In order to use a debit or credit card,  there must be a pre-tax purchase of $10 or more.  In other words, purchases that are less than $10 must be paid in cash.
  • General Consignor Guidelines-visit our new General Consignor Guidelines page for an overview of DFK guidelines!
  • COMING SOON—Another DFK LIVE Facebook Event.  Join us for a fun time of learning and giveaways.  You won’t want to miss this!


  • Shoes – shoes must to be clean on top, bottom and inside! If they are not clean we will return them to you.
  • Toys– We will not accept grab bags of loose toys unless packaged by an obvious theme (i.e. cars, Star Wars, Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, etc.)
  • Database improvements! The consignor database system is now completely mobile friendly! You can also now enter items by speaking (voice entry) rather than typing when using a mobile device (phone or tablet). Click here for voice entry details!
  • Regarding the use of TAPE:
    • Please do not use tape over safety pins on tags or over the barcode part of tags
    • If using tape on paper or fragile items such as books, board games, etc., use painters tape, masking tape, or other tape that will not damage the item when tape is removed
  • For a full list of Acceptable Items for the Fall/Winter sale visit our Seller School.
  • Check your items for recalls. Use this great tool for checking recalls: WeMakeItSafer.com 
  • Remember item limits: shoes limit 8 per gender, maternity limit 10 of seasonally appropriate clothing, onesies limit 10 (onesies are defined as undershirts which are intended to be worn under clothing) , stuffed animals limit 5 like new only.
  • Updated Calendar: Check out our calendar page for all dates and times.